Let’s Budget!

I must admit, this topic of Personal Finances excites me and scares me simultaneously. I’m nervous to discover what I already know…

  • We are living way above our means,
  • I need to find a job with consistent pay, and
  • We need to focus on saving more.

Now before I start feeling dejected, let me get on to some good news…

I’m willing to do what it takes! I am at a point where coasting through our finances is no longer acceptable. We have God and children to answer to.

I am in the process of tweaking our budget sheet on excel. Creating a budget, in my opinion, is one of the first steps to getting our finances in order. We had a budget sheet in the past and somehow lost track of it.

Why? I have no idea, but -No more living life without a guide!

By nature I am a bit overzealous so… I’m giving myself until 10/20/13 to have our budget sheet completed and in use. Oh boy my family is in for a surprise.

We are going on a Debt Diet.  Yay!!!!!

Feel free to leave any tips on budgeting and how you may have turned this area around in your life. If this is a ‘Hot Mess’ area for you too, let me know. Lets work on improving our financial situation together.

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