About Me

I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a professional woman, and most importantly a layperson! I am that everyday woman, who wants to be the best she can be. I want to live my best life now, instead of daydreaming what I can and should be. By nature I am caring, outgoing, and responsible. I love security mixed in with a tad bit of spontaneity… Who doesn’t? Oh and anything with chocolate and nuts is a win win. Just saying..

Prior to having children, my Dear Hubby and I were doing well. I have a graduate degree and was working in the field of my choice. We were paying our bills on time, paying off loans, and saving money with the best of them. We were going out, traveling and enjoying life. I reached all my goals. The sun shone on our faces daily and the birds serenaded us in the mornings.

Two children and a mortgage later…

“Oh boy…The mortgage is due. Ahhhh!”

“Oh man… Darling Daughter needs white shoes for church and the baby is out of diapers.”

“Darling daughter is invited to another party? I need a gift.”

“Honey, we really need a date night. maybe we could get the kids to sleep early and watch a TV show… You’re right. I’m sleepy also. Maybe we could just sleep next to each other tonight. Well not the whole night. 10 mins? We’ll put pillows to block the baby from rolling over.”

“What do you mean am I ready! What’s wrong with what I have on? Nothing fits right anymore!  I just had a baby. Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo.”

What went wrong?

Well…our bills tripled, priorities shifted from us to two children (sending kids to a decent preschool isn’t easy).  I work less to be home more with children, and inflation stings like a…

Needless to say, life is different and I am not quite where I dreamed I would be. This is where blogging comes in. My goal for this blog is to improve areas in my life that just aren’t where they should be. I would love to have others join in on my quest to help Encourage, Inspire, and Educate me, others and themselves.

My goal for myself and this blog is to cultivate a place where a group of people can come together, join hands and help each other accomplish their goals.

So let’s do it! Let’s set a list of goals then, Encourage, Inspire, and Educate each other towards reaching those goals…

See you on the journey!


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