Prior to Making goals, I must first acknowledge the ‘Hot Mess’ areas of my life.

Let me start off by saying, I recognize that I am a blessed! I have a wonderful and caring husband who is an amazing father, I have two sweet and healthy children, and have wonderful people in my life.

With that said…Oh boy!

As I said in my About Me page, Financially, it is tough! The bills are piling up and the savings is non-existent! My financial situation is a HOT MESS!

Since having children, I think my  appearance… well  its a work in progress. Trouble is not much work is being done and definitely no progress!. I’ll just say it… My appearance is a HOT MESS!

I love my children unconditionally, as do most parents. Since getting pregnant with the second, my patience has worn thin. So I developed a habit of yelling and utilizing the almighty threats. After being more conscious of it, I have improved this a bit, I must add. There are so many aspects of my parenting that I want to improve. My parenting is a bit of a MESS!

It is time for a change. I am fed up with being a Hot Mess. So I have drafted a personal mission statement as well as personal Goals that will help guide the actions I take to improve my life. Tell me what you think. Let me know what the Hot Mess areas are in your life and some of your goals that you will be focusing on. Don’t forget to print them out and place them somewhere that is visible.

My Mission statement:

My Mission statement is to act as a Godly, positive, loving, and supportive wife and mother; To maintain my outer and inner beauty as a feminine woman. To utilize the roles and gifts that God has blessed me with to cultivate and maintain a loving, happy, and peaceful home. With this as my sole mission, I will act selflessly in supporting my husband as we guide our children into the next phase of life.

Long Term Goals:

  • Develop  a close relationship with God.
  • Become a supportive, loving wife.
  • Become a patient, loving Mother who focuses of guiding and developing her children.
  • Become Financially free.
  • Maintain a feminine and neat appearance 90% of the times.

Short-Term goals:

  • Set aside quiet time with God alone and with children. A minimum of 15 mins a day alone to pray and read the bible.
  • Set aside a minimum of 10 minutes a day with children to read out of children’s bible and pray over them.
  • Read a passage over them at least once per week.
  • Speak once and listen twice. Learn to listen to my husband without judgement or thinking of a response.
  • Find a full time or part-time job with flexibility and great (enough to contribute to bills and savings) pay.
  • Perform toning exercises a minimum of three times per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).
  • Develop and follow a skin care routine, daily.

2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Well done for setting goals – they do make a real difference to how things turn out. Have you written them down so that you can look at them every day, if possible? Keep them in mind – it’s so easy to let them dribble away in the day-to-day activity. I really like your goals btw. Love to know how you get on 🙂

    • You know!, I printed them out. However, I still need to find a place to post them. i agree, looking at the everyday, is key. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely post updates…

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